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 phpLedAds v2.2
(View ChangLog for 2.0 -> 2.2)
This is the second generation of Ledscripts.com's php-based banner program.

This version offers many improvements over not only the previous version, but also many other ad programs out there:
  • Better Database Design - Massive improvements made over the previous version of phpLedAds (formally Led-Ads)
  • Simple Interface - The interface, while powerful and very functional, is very easy to use. No more guessing what something does!
  • Graphical Stats - If your host has GD support compiled into php, LedAds will generate graphs representing displays and clicks from the previous 10 days -- automatically! (Graphs creating using JGraph 1.11).
    NEW for version 2.2! -- 30-day history graph comparing displays-to-clicks!
  • Two Ad Types - You can use standard ad banners or use your own rich-media adcode (such as what you would get from an ad company).
  • Three Link Options - Choose to open clicks on standard ad banners in one of three 'target' attributes (this one was highly requested!)
  • Random Number Generation - You can now insert random numbers into the Rich-Media. This allows you to dynamically create what ad your ad company may call 'unique keys' for each time the ad is displayed (highly requested as well!)
  • Image Uploads and Storage - You can upload your ad banners right from the control panel -- and let the program take care off all the storage and retrieval.
  • Full upgrade ability. You can easily upgrade your Led-Ads (previous name) v1.0 ad stats and info. There is no support to import LedAds 2.0 (CGI Version) yet.
  • Full Stats - Stats tracked per day, per month, per year and lifetime! Now you know your total stats all the time!
  • Much more... - These are just the features we have room to list here! Many more included in the packaged!

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Admin Controls (User: admin, Password: demo)

Mysql 3.22+

Click here to download.

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